Ordinary food and dessert

Ordinary food and dessert

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Most kids grow up knowing that they can only get the good meal when they have their lunch. Have you ever wondered what your message is?

Oatmeal with plum cherry Fotу: Rбtkai Йva

Very simple: "regular food" a necessary badthat somehow has to be defeated, dessert, ice is a reward. With this method, we can develop bad nourishments at a very young age, rather than getting kids to eat healthy food and love it. However, the principle is not a problem: do not live in a healthy, healthy calorie, but in vitamins, useful nutrients and foods. How can this principle be enforced so as not to cause it unintentional harm?

1. Revise the dessert, the concept of knife!

It can be sweet, but remove from the family charts the sweets that have high added sugar or other unhealthy ingredients (like coloring, nutrition, artificial flavoring, hydration) , and you won't even think of dessert like lollipops, gum sugar, "milk chocolate" or anything else. The home scenes, cook sweet, healthy meals without cooking instead of these. Pйldбul:
- rice paddy from brown rice with raw fruit juice instead of jam
- Mizligolycsk
- Fried fruits with cinnamon and natural yoghurt
- Sugar free fruit salad with roasted whole grain oatmeal and cashew dill

2. Don't include desserts every day and cooking regularly!

That is, do not develop a habit that is then difficult to break, or because of the harmful effects of which you can only complain sooner.

3. Not a dessert table but a main course!

There is nothing to stop it! Just think of what delicious and healthy pancakes you can make from whole wholemeal flour, stuffed with raw fruit cinnamon and lemon, or possibly filtered. What a wholesome and delicious puréed with dried homemade popcorn that is softened with yogurt, and which you lay on top of raw almonds:
- Dumplings stuffed with oat bran, topped with raw apricot puree
- oatmeal with plum
- raisin sprouts raw with finely chopped fruits and minced di

4. Stir in sweet and sweet and juicy flavors!

Grilled meats and cheeses, for example, are very delicious with simple, raw fruit spices but spicy fruit spices. For example, the following combinations are fantastic: melon, nectarine, apple, blackberry, blueberry, cucumber, dressing: lemon, garlic, white pepper, star anise, cinnamon, fresh mint leaves. But you can also try apple-chicken pancakes.

5. Make your traditional favorites healthier.

Surely the family has favorite desserts. Think through the recipe, and replace them with a healthier ingredient. Like the traditional chocolate cream, chocolate pudding: a ripe avocado, two bananas, two tablespoons of natural cocoa powder mixed together. You'll be amazed at how delicious and ludicrously it resembles pudding when it is packed with valuable nutrients (as opposed to baggy pudding). You can read more about the principles here.If you feel like changing your family get-together, you can find more information here.Related Articles:
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- Don't get used to snacking!


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