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Mother's Day Quotes

Mother's Day Quotes

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The most beautiful quotes are about motherhood, bereavement, unfulfilled motherly love and devotion.

Piss off your sweet mom many times,
Squeeze your hands well, you will lead somewhere,
They love your heart to speak to you,
Your mother loves you the most.
Lakner Artъr
By the time your grandmother becomes a truly good mother, she is preoccupied with being a woman.
Grégoire DelacourtMom is the man who dresses up for the day. To rise and begin to live in it, and for those of us who know it, would simply be inconceivable without life. And what would we do if we disappeared? Then what? Where's the air we're talking about? Where did the water wash the way we were going? Where is the earth hidden from our feet?
Tore Renberg
It seems outward: a child takes advantage of his parents, consumes his nerves, his power, his life - he uses everything for himself, and as soon as there is nothing left inside, he throws away the wasted priest. He does not look like a belly: he does not devour, but calls himself. And it is not yellowish yellow, it does not feel sorry for every minute you spend with it. Tйvedtem. All your lungs remain in it, changing to thousands of cells. You see all the time spent with it, all your efforts in it - here it is, it has not disappeared. The kid will be in you, and the more you give him, the more expensive you will be.
Dmitry Glukhovsky
I don't want my latches to be brighter in the eyes of my kids.
Erzsébet Schдffer
It is also possible to lose parents and make mistakes. There is no ascent in the world that is perfect. Really good parenting behaves in admissions, apologies, and resumes.
Tari Annambria
Is there a force more powerful than the motherly love that straddles the gates of the walls and drives away every obstacle in the cross?
Martin Pistorius
You have a part of your heart that only opens up when you have a child.
The Lottery c. movie
I realize we have two lives. The first is ours. The second is our kids. We need to teach them what we know, what we have learned.
True Blood - Drink and Let's Die c. movie
If you're struggling, if I'm making mistakes,
I remember your hand:
I'm not with you now,
Are you a sloppy baby?
I bow my head,
Your white hand would hold on to me,
And I would say, as it used to be,
Mom, Mom! my mother, my mother!
Viktor Lбnyi
In this world we cannot do great things, only small things with great love.
Mother Teresa
Not the most powerful who has the most wealthy weapon, nor the greatest treasure, the richest, but the most powerful one who brings man to the world.
Szakszly Dezh
The mother is fighting in the middle of the world,
His eyes are aggrandized in childhood.
Wives Genius
Because each was a mirror,
Where can I see:
That I have the ground
My dearest mother!
Petffi Sbndor
If you are a mother, you will never be truly alone in your thoughts. A mother always thinks twice: once for herself, second for her child.
Sophia Loren
My mother, thank you
now on this intimate holiday,
I want it now and always,
always stay with me.
Devecsery Laszlo
Love is hovering in the mountains, with love boots in mountaineering boots, and a lover is captured by the power of love when a child travels on it.
Цrkйny Istvбn

May God give you some treasure, riches,
Rubies and a palace of flowers,
You can give me money, shine on you jewels,
You can't give only one twice,
Sweetheart mother.
Honthy Hanna
He leaned lightly on your hand
Thank you for your life,
It grew from my heart and white heart
Your stories, the genres.
Бmon Бgnes
There are many millions of people in the world,
And there are thousands who love you,
But if there is a problem, no one knows,
And nobody cares with you.
There is only one who is always with you,
Good ghost stone, watching over your face -
Even if you are bad, they always look good:
Your darling, sweet, sweet, sweet mother!
Lakner Artъr
Mom can only be N. That's their choice. It's his job. The most beautiful and the most difficult. The hardest part is that an office that never gives you freedom never gives you rest, constant attention, love, devotion, blood, demands. Whew, beautiful. Because only he knows the secret. The mother's heart is a secret. How a new life is thought of as a human being.
Csitбry-Hock Tamбs
Maternal love is uncritical, innocent and self-sacrificing, and maternal love forgives everything: hysteria, tears, indifference, insecurity or cruelty. Maternal love is a black hole that swallows the bully, frees itself from all defense, forgives the blasphemy, theft, and lying, and changes the worst of the deeds that are not their fault.
Joanne HarrisAlso worth reading:
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