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Baby: When we push the baby

Baby: When we push the baby

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Pressing the baby out of the belly of a woman was already a common method in Turkish cultures. But is there a need for abdominal printing in 21st Century nurseries?

Baby: When we push the baby

In 1999, the WHO published a Practical Handbook that categorized its recommendations on normal births. This category includes procedures that are provably useful, obviously harmful, or ineffective, as well as inquiries and misapplications. Category C, that is, cautiously useful, but at the same time interesting among procedures pressure on the belly of a pregnant woman by the doctor.

What does pressing on the belly of a woman mean?

The second stage of birth is the so-called push-up phase, when the cervical extension has stopped and the baby feels the thrust. The szьlйs this szakaszбban the mйh цsszehъzуdбsбhoz hozzбadуdik hasprйs on the szьlх nх posts by these people, this йs megkezdхdik baby kitolбsa the szьlхcsatornбn.Mivel tцbbnyire the domestic kуrhбzi practice tovбbbra the ъgynevezett kхmetszх pozнciуban tцrtйnik the szьlйs (lying hбton, fйlig ьlх pozнciуban felhъzott lбbakkal) therefore women who are born in this position in a difficult situation they have to cope. Contrary to natural, addictive postures, the parent woman here cannot take advantage of the extra power of gravity, and the baby may find it more difficult to adapt to the movement of the pool. In addition, in the weaning position, the woman's ability to move is also eliminated, although free positioning and movement have a number of positive benefits in the birth process. the fetus is born.In the postpartum period, to help the fetus head to expand, the self may occur. Kristeller's for captivity, which is the imprint on the fundus of the bee (the upper part of the bee). This can be a continuous downward pressure, but it can also be short, powerful shots during concussions. The pressure on the mother's abdomen - in an interesting way - goes back quite a bit. It is in ancient, traditional cultures even this method was used to hasten the birth of the baby.More before, the use of sheets wrapped around the mother's stomach, nowadays mostly the for this maneuver.

What are the dangers of this intervention?

According to experts, the pressure on a woman's belly is like that can cause serious injury such as the birth or fattening of the young woman, the decoupling of the cot, and the culling. In addition, the fetus can suffer from severe nerve damage and can also have rib or limb deformities, and even this external pressure can cause death. We have found it particularly dangerous to use this method in case of an ulcer. often, the contribution of the parent women is not overlooked in addition, they are not informed of the possible consequences of the procedure.

Neither is my good

Because the stump position itself makes it difficult to protect the muscles of the goiter, it can happen that the routine cut-outs rate in the birth classes. At the same time, it can be very damaging for a gtizoma to use the abdominal pressure on the abdomen to hasten the birth of your baby. to find out what kind of gauge ratio, methods, and tools are available at the hospital where you want to give birth, or whether Kristall will neglect the opinion of the women used in the advanced stage. Freely chosen voicing and parenting positions, the support of natural birth processes (ie, non-prescriptive pressures), or the benefit of a protected practitioner, all help.
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