What if something gets stuck in the kid's ears or nose?

What if something gets stuck in the kid's ears or nose?

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The smaller child tends to insert a tiny piece of toy, such as a plasticine, sponge or bead into the ear or nose.

Segнtsйg! Something was stuck in the kid's ear or noseDr. Holpert Valeria We have been asked by the physician of the center of the nasal cavity, what symptoms may indicate this and what to do in this case.

Let's be quick!

Younger children are familiar with their environment and their own bodies, but there is no danger, so adults need to prevent the problem as much as possible. Where there is a child, it is easier to make the apartment child-proof, to hide small items on the shelves high up in the small. However, when the bigger brother is playing with or next to the little one, they avoid tiny cubes, plasticines, or beads that the little explorer will carefully hide - so he can easily get into a stranger's nose or head.

If not immediately noticed, we may be able to remove it

Typically, such accidents occur when the parent disappears for a few seconds from a small distance away, but we are not always in a better position to do so. When the tiny object is still visible, the parent, when he tries to remove it, often pushes it inward in fright, where he cannot reach or grasp anything. In this case, do not get dirty anymore, contact a nasal practitioner who is able to quickly remove a foreign subject, counted with a few seconds of inconvenience.

You can stay for weeks and months

If you just didn't see the little thing in your nose or ears, you might not know about it for a long time. Dr. Holpert Valeria said that parents seek medical attention from a child because of nasal congestion, or odor, or blood flow to the nose, and that it is only during a nose and nose examination that the nasal passages cause even if there is a small object in the child's ear, as it can cause inflammation of the ear. If we try to remove it ourselves, it may result in light bruising, bleeding or even tearing of the tympanic membrane.

Quick solution and after-treatment

Early nasal surgery requires rapid and pain-free removal of the foreign body by washing with sterile water, tweezers or heart. After removal, the attending physician will examine the ear or nose and, if necessary, apply a small amount of ointment to the treatment site for a faster wound.Related articles in Foreign Body:
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