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I came early

I came early

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Babies who are low in weight or prematurely need more care. After birth, they go to an incubator, stay in the hospital, and seek more care at home. Later, of course, they bring in their backlog.

I came early

Premature babies have thin, reddish skin and have a dull skin. Subcutaneous fat tissues are lacking and very lightweight and require great care to ensure that they are always properly heated and moisturized. Incubators do this. The sense of comfort plays an important role in the use of premature wards bбrбnybхrnek too.

The shoe's praise

The unclean babies in the incubator are minimally physically affected by the natural material of the furskin, do not rub on the tender skin, provides a pleasant feeling. Even small babies can be put underneath because they are well ventilated and help with balancing. The fur can be cleaned so it meets the hygiene requirements to the maximum.For premature babies Immature immune systems, that is, they are harmless against rodents. Great care must be taken to avoid infections. Hygiene regulations must be followed before washing the baby, always wash hands (in the house as well as at home).

They can be dealt with

The care of premature babies has changed significantly nowadays. They are becoming more and more widespread open prenatal classes. Meaning, parents should be able to visit their children here. They can handle even the smallest weights and take it with them. Observations prove that a bodily contact it has a good effect on the little ones as well as the parents. Body proximity, maternal vocal cords represent a familiar environment, safety.Every low weight babies or patients cannot be fed for a period of time; Those who are able to get oral food but are not able to take their dose of cumibule are fed a probe. You can spend less time on breastfeeding or feeding your cumibule.You may not be able to eat your little cumibule, but you can breastfeed. The effective effect of breast milk cannot be exaggerated. It is very important that mothers whose children are unable to breastfeed or may not breastfeed, always milk their milk regularly, as if they were breastfeeding.

Blessed breast milk

The premature infant should be breast-fed as she or he wishes to return home, but this does not mean that she should be breast-fed if she is breast-feeding. Make sure you eat the right amount for your dose.
If the mother does not have or only has little milk, suitable premature infant formulas are available. These can be given up to three pounds, but if the baby loves and develops, he or she can get five pounds. Mother's milk from a foreign mother only from reliable sources Originally, and always be heat-treated. The little ones should also be eaten at night if they need it. This is done by regularly checking the hole. Measure once a week, but always on the same day, naked and, if possible, on the same balance.

Come home

Taking care of your baby at home requires the same things, like a mature New Year. Ensure adequate temperature in the apartment (average 25 ° C). Always pay attention to the small buttocks, especially the hands and feet. The freshness of the room's air is important, so it should be ventilated frequently, but in this case, you should take it to another room. Let's wait for the aeration. Even in the summer, take it out on the sunshine. Previously, the little things require more careful attention at home. For this purpose, the so-called flicker monitors, which indicate when the baby is not breathing, are very useful.
Former infants need medical attention more than once because they are more likely to suffer from rheumatic diseases and to have better follow-up.
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