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Do you want to talk about your childhood? Couples are determined by infant relationships

Do you want to talk about your childhood? Couples are determined by infant relationships

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In studying relationships, psychologists often focus on quarrels between couples.

However, a new study in Psychological Science examines the problem from another aspect: couples' conflict management largely depends on the severity of their infancy.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have continued to do so since the mid-1970s. Participants participated in a study with their partners around the age of three. In Phase One, the researchers created a debate: they asked the parties to talk about something they disagreed with. This was followed by a period of wandering, where they could speak for just a few minutes what they saw similarly.

Parents also need to learn the new role

Jessica E. Salvatore PhD student and colleagues examined the communication style of the partners at this stage. During the debate, some couples showed very intense reactions, yet they were able to change almost immediately when they were asked about topics they agreed on. Others, however, were stuck in the problem area and unable to get to the dead end.
Sally I-Chun Kuo, Ryan D. Steele, Jeffry A. Simpson, W. Andrew Collins and Jessica E. Salvatore For this reason, they turned to the attendees of these contributors to describe how the subjects were between the ages of 12 and 18 months. Researchers have discovered that there is a relationship between the couples 'current conflict-management behavior and the parents' former relationship: those with whom this relationship was close in infancy were better able to smooth out the controversy. This means that a parent who better regulates negative feelings will, at a later stage in life, handle his or her negative feelings in conflict situations with greater certainty.
It is also not uncommon for one side to have a weaker relationship with their parents at the time, because if the partner is a good conflict handler, the couple can stay together. A relationship can be saved if one person emerges from the problem and does not let negative thoughts and feelings dominate it. This study was the first to explore the relationship between early conditions, conclusion, and later relationships.The binding You can read some interesting things on this site.
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