So protect your eyes from allergies!

So protect your eyes from allergies!

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In addition to the well-known symptoms of nasal congestion, heartburn, and runny nose, allergies do not even affect the eyes: irritation, itching, redness, inflammation of the cartilage.

So protect your eyes from allergies!

To prevent and treat the symptoms, we have compiled advice from our specialist.

Allergic in the eye

There are several factors that can cause eyes redness: insomnia, pre-numerical lengths, or infections. In the case of complaints that return during a certain period of the year, consider the background of the symptoms pollen allergy can also stop, in which case an allergy test may be warranted - call attention dr. Monika Augusztinovicz ear-nose-rash, allergologist, doctor of the Buda Allergy Center.Already diagnosed patients often have eye symptoms, this is the first complaint that indicates the presence of allergen in the air. When pollen comes into the eye, they are able to cause an allergic reaction similar to that of the nasal passages, producing a runny nose, itching, itching. Sensitive sensations may also cause itching, tingling, edgy sensation, redness, swelling and bloating of the eyes.

What should we (do) do?

Don't scratch or touch our eyes. The effect of rubbing also increases the production of light, and in addition, the hands can be transmitted to the eyes. Frequent laundering can help prevent this. Contact lenses protect the epidermis against pollen to a certain extent, but if allergic inflammation develops, do not wear it. We wear sunglasses to help prevent pollen that gets caught in the eyes from causing further irritation to the eyes. cold water spray, wiping the eyes around can also be useful.

With medication against the symptoms

The right eye drops can help alleviate your complaints. These ingredients are the same as those used to treat allergic symptoms in the nasal passages. It can help treat itching, redness, and inflammation effectively. In addition to topically acting supplements, oral antihistamines or decongestants (astringents) can help reduce eye problems. Choosing the right product is left to the discretion of a specialist, as not all drugs are suitable for some chronic conditions.
- You don't know why you have all these allergies
- The pollen is trapped


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