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Santa Claus arrives at the Józsefváros Gallery!

Santa Claus arrives at the Józsefváros Gallery!

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For the Advent series of the 3D Warrior, every Saturday, the little ones and the big ones are invited to the Gallery of Joseph.

The beautifully appointed event center is located in the heart of downtown, two minutes from the Corvin Quarter, with easy public transport links. 10 йs 15 уra kцzцtt mбs йs mбs interaktнv child programs - mesйvel, muzsikбval, szнnjбtйkkal, mozgбssal, йs logical jбtйkokkal kйzmыves mыhellyel - fogadjбk the йrdeklхdхket.December 7 йn 11 уrбtуl Kemйny Henrik: Vitйz Lбszlу йs the csodalбda cнmы elхadбsбt lбthatjuk Szilбgyi Barnabбs elхadбsбban. But who the hell is this Vitsiz Laszlo? A world-renowned nipper from the middle of the century who at least is good in the pulpit is fooling the bathers who do us wrong and the world. This red cap with a cheerful guy's pancake trainer teaches you how to die and how to die. You can take part in a glittering, life-like glove dolls that are restored between you and Barnabas Szilgyi's hands. who this year is the Gold Awarded Doll of the Budapest and Eger Puppet Competition.
The show is over with Santa! Between 10 and 15 hours, the Santa Claus is a cinematic body: honeysuckle, whitewash gives you great programming, and the little ones have fun in the palace.
In addition to occasional tickets and family passes, we recommend the CAKAWAYS discount ticket, which includes a cup of cocoa, to return regularly.


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