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Homeopathy - Everything you need to know about roula

Homeopathy - Everything you need to know about roula

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Homeopathic remedies still do not know exactly how they work, but in almost all cases there is a chance of healing when irreversible anatomical changes have not yet occurred in the body.

So it started

Samuel Hahnemann In 1796, a German doctor and a pharmacist published his observations on homeopathy. The most important principle of healing is the similarity rule, which is the basis for finding the agent that will heal the patient. Hence the original Hungarian name: a sympathetic medicine.Thirty-sixty percent of primary care physicians recommend homeopathic remedies for their patients. These are standard-published, prescription-free supplements. Speciбlis, termйszetes alapanyagbуl elхбllнtott (nцvйnyi, бllati йs бsvбnyi eredetы) gyуgyszerekrхl is szу which йs dinamizбlбssal kйszнtenek.Ha egйszsйgesen high mennyisйget consume kьlцnleges, mуdszerekkel applied only homeopбtiбs gyуgyszergyбrtбsban batch hнgнtбssal a certain anyagbуl, figyelhetьnk kьlцnfйle characteristic tьneteket it ourselves. For example, when we cut onions we have nasal passages and lightening, but this lightness is not corrosive, the nasal passages are watery, but we are quite nervous. This set of symptoms can be very similar to how we feel at the beginning of a viral infection. If this resemblance is large, a homeopathic remedy made of red onion can cure our skin of viral or allergic origin.

Are you getting sick?

Yes, almost all physical ailments can be treated with homeopathic remedies, whether they are sudden onset or persistent. They are often suitable for cure, but of course there are countless situations where it is necessary to supplement it with other medication and traditional medicines. For example, a patient in need of surgical intervention has a positive influence on the speed and quality of healing. Because of this, we can expect it to be the patient heals faster, has fewer events, and has short bursts.

Thorough outings

A homeopathic doctor examines your patients in the same way as any other doctor, if necessary, for laboratory tests, x-rays, or what is needed. The difference is in the depth of the passage, that is detailed medical history lies. Homeopathic medicine selection is based on unique signs. For example, an allergy sufferer gets another medication if the nose is flushed more than if the eyes are itchy. of symptoms. This is possible only if the doctor asks for many details. Sometimes parents are very surprised, because they are always wondering if they have a planned or accidentally arrived child. You also need to know what position you like to sleep in and what you like to eat. This way, the doctor gets a very accurate picture of who you want to heal.

Homeopathy and the "others"

Basically, you take your child to a doctor, someone he or she trusts in knowledge and experience. We need to let you know if you think that exclusive homeopathic treatment is appropriate or that you also need some other treatment. Homeopathy medication can be continued for the most part, even if the child goes to hospital. Bethesda Children's School in Budapest, where ethical judgment is born about this: Homeopathic treatment can be continued during hospital treatment if the physician who prescribed it has learned homeopathy and the patient requires it. Normal herbal remedies, such as flame-retardant compress or onion overpack, should not be abandoned. However, make sure that you do not give menthol and mint, but also menthol.

Let's give medicine

- that is, doing something that has been symbolizing the path to healing for parents and children. We have a problem with the right choice and preparation. The homeopathic remedies we call are in globular form, these are small, sweet, diabetic balls that are encapsulated with homeopathic active ingredients.

You need to suck the little balls

These balls should be placed in the mouth so that the little patient does not eat, drink, brush, or gums before and after administration. If you can absorb it already, you need to suck these balls, which melt very quickly. If it is too small for this, it should be dissolved in a little water. In case of diarrhea and vomiting, or if fluid intake is important due to high fever, it may be swallowed dissolved in half a glass of water.Homeopathic remedies should be stored do not expose them to electromagnetic radiation, that is, avoid getting into a cell phone, microwave oven, father, computer. Do not put the little vial next to essential oils, in warm places, or in the sun. A homeopathic doctor will only treat someone as healed if they are not just having symptoms, but are eating well, sleeping well, "okay". Homeopathy is usually chosen by parents who also think about the future of their children and want to help them with the side effects of taking unnecessarily medication. Homeopathy practitioners are originally doctors and their knowledge is solidified by many years of experience like other specialists. However, we cannot expect it to be miraculous: many things can be cured with it, but not everything.

Who pays?

Unfortunately, the National Health Insurance Fund - unlike other European countries - does not support the doctor or the medicines. Supplementary health funds, on the other hand, are financed by 100 percent: the parent gets back what he or she has spent on a doctor or medication.Specialist Dr. Mariann Molnбr homeopathic pediatrician

The pediatrician's eyes

- I have a child in my practice who has been allergic to a well-chosen drug and this has been confirmed by laboratory results. Originally he was allergic to a lot of things, and nowadays he is not getting any homeopathic remedies. This type of irreversible healing in allergies is very rare, but it also results in a significant reduction in symptoms, without the person taking traditional medicines with side effects.

The defective eyes

Poor Mariann Zolnai Wolves:
- How to educate our children with homeopathy? I first read about it in my book, which aroused my interest, after which I attended a homeopathy course at my workplace. My experience in the field of homeopathy healing is clearly positive. Tizenhбrom йves allergiбs son, rйgebben sъlyos asztmбs attack is produkбlt, йs homeopбtiбval - kйt йv utбn sikerьlt elйrnьnk to kizбrуlag бtvйszeltьk homeopбtiбs gyуgyszerekkel the parlagfьves idхszakot.Nбthбnбl, you have already rцgtцn vнrusfertхzйsnйl now turn to the homeopбtiбhoz - which initially hagyomбnyos gyуgyszerekkel egyьtt used. Our home pharmacy is geared towards children, but when I have a flu season, I also take a weekly dose of "flu flu" and give it to the couple. Of course, I do not reject the use of traditional drugs either, but my children have been given antibiotics for a very long time. If the homeopathic medicine is well chosen, its effect will be evident in a few urans. Of course, full healing requires more time - a few days. Generally, I consider homeopathic healing for all moms, but as a relatively new thing, I only recommend to pregnant women if they are not averse. And I think so everyone will find the right cure for her, for me, family homeopathy is very successful in the family, we will stay. Children love to eat berries because they are delicious and, not to be neglected, they are also beneficial. Hungarian Homeopathic Medical Association
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